Why Is My Fridge Not Getting Cold

Do you keep opening the fridge and find that it isn’t cold? If your refrigerator is running but is not cool enough, there are several mechanical issues that may be contributing to the temperature of your refrigerator. Check out our list of common reasons why your refrigerator is not cooling:

  • Kitchen with wood counters and stainless steel appliances | SubZeroRepairCentersFL.comNew refrigerator not cooling? After installation, new units require about 24 hours to cool down and adjust to the proper temperature.
  • The amount of food can determine how cold your refrigerator gets. Make sure the unit contains a reasonable amount of food to help distribute the cold temperature.
  • Check to see if the fridge and freezer doors can completely shut. Something may be obstructing the doors from closing properly.

Once you have checked through the more simple solutions, here are some maintenance issues that can cause your refrigerator not to cool:

  • Look at the temperature control settings on your unit.Make sure they have not been adjusted.
  • If your door cannot close properly, even after you have cleared any obstructions, you may need to call Sub-Zero refrigerator maintenance to adjust the leveling legs or rollers.

Keep your refrigerator cool with our maintenance and care tips. Call us 24/7 for Sub-Zero refrigerator maintenance. We have fully trained and experienced technicians who can inspect your unit and outline multiple repair options