How to Maintain Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Restaurants

The worst can happen to any restaurant. Your kitchen is crowded with orders on a Saturday night and then all of a sudden, a cooking range stops working.  We are available 24/7 for Sub Zero repair service in Key Largo, but you might be wondering how you could have prevented this mishap. The most expensive equipment still needs proper maintenance and cleaning for optimal performance. Check out these best practices for kitchen maintenance you can start introducing to your team tomorrow:

  • Kitchen equipment with two restaurant staff members | SubZeroRepairCentersFL.comBrowse through the kitchen appliance owner’s manual or find an online resource to attain a complete understanding of the equipment along with special safety procedures.
  • Employees are the first line of defense against a kitchen malfunction. Make sure your team is fully aware and prepared to handle the equipment they are operating. This could include arranging a cleaning schedule every night and guiding them through every procedure down to the small details.
  • Schedule a maintenance appointment to verify that your equipment is running smoothly, problem-free, and code-regulated. Inspections are available with our Sub-Zero repair service in Key Largo to confirm that your equipment is up to code and safe to operate.

Proper appliance maintenance is necessity for avoiding a kitchen breakdown. Contact Sub-Zero Repair Centers of Florida 24/7 for an appliance repair service when you need it the most.