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New Glucose Fuel Cell May Power Future Medical Implants

A team of engineers have developed a glucose fuel cell fabricated from silicon and consisting of a platinum catalyst that strips electrons from glucose, mimicking the activity of cellular enzymes that break down glucose to generate ATP and generating enough power for a neural implant. MIT engineers have developed a fuel cell

Designing Circuits Containing CNTs for Highly Energy-Efficient Computing

A team of scientists at Stanford University are working to improve energy efficiency in computer circuits by using full-wafer scale digital logic structures that are unaffected by misaligned carbon nanotubes. Energy efficiency is the most significant challenge standing in the way of continued miniaturization of electronic systems, and miniaturization is the

Exploring Nanotube Growth and a Self-Healing Mechanism

A new report published by theoretical physicists suggests that under the right conditions a nanotube growing at about 1 micrometer a second at 700 kelvins could potentially grow to one meter in length. At the right temperature, with the right catalyst, there’s no reason a perfect single-walled carbon nanotube 50,000 times