Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair in Miami on Holidays

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair in MiamiAppliances never break at a convenient time because there isn’t one. The worst time however is during a holiday meal you’ve been planning for days. This is an exciting time for everyone. You can feel confident and stay calm when you depend on the highly trained technicians at Sub-Zero Repair Centers to fix your fridge.

Our factory-trained team of technicians is on call 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays. We understand how quickly you need to have your refrigerator running again before the food spoils. There is no time to lose. We have maintained a stellar reputation for more than three decades largely due to our superior customer service. If you need Sub-Zero refrigerator repair in Miami choose the most dependable and effective option you can find.

You may be able to call ahead for the repairs if you suspect something is not working properly. Keep it from becoming a larger issue. A few common signs that indicate your refrigerator needs a repair or a tune up are:

  • Moisture Is Collecting
  • Motor Sounds Are Loud
  • Heat Is Radiating from the Unit

Rely on the licensed and insured staff at the Sub-Zero Repair Centers for efficient and effective repairs. Our trucks are equipped with Sub-Zero parts and so there is virtually no waiting time to replace any components that may be damaged.

Contact our team at the first sign of issues with your Sub-Zero refrigerator. You have purchased the best on the market, which comes with the most reliable repair service, any time of day or night.

How to Tell When You Need Sub-Zero Ice Maker Repair Services

sub zero ice maker repairThe last thing you need when hosting a long-planned celebration is to have your Sub-Zero ice maker stop working. There are some signs that may indicate your ice maker is not working as it should. If you notice any of the following signs, contact the technicians for our speedy on-the-spot Sub-Zero Ice Maker Repair Services. Some of the most common signs it’s time for an ice maker repair on your Sub-Zero fridge are:

  • Not enough ice is coming from the ice maker.
  • No ice at all is coming.
  • The ice maker works for a few days and then stops.
  • Unusual noises coming from the unit when used.
  • Ice has a bad taste.
  • Ice has a peculiar smell.

The staff at Sub-Zero Service Centers of South Florida is available on an as-needed basis if your ice maker stops working at an inconvenient time. For more than 30 years the factory-trained technicians who service our Sub Zero refrigerators, ice makers, freezers, and wine coolers have garnered a stellar reputation.

Contact us when you need swift and effective ice maker repair services. We stand ready to perform a service call 365 days or nights a year, including weekends and holidays.

Keep Your High-End Appliances Running Smoothly with Our Sub-Zero Repair Service

family preparing a mean in their kitchen full of sub-zero appliancesYour Sub-Zero appliances are an investment. You purchase them because of their high quality, stylish appearance, and reputation as one of the best brands in the industry. Considering all that, why wouldn’t you be just as picky when choosing a repair service? Sub-Zero Service Centers of South Florida is the best Sub-Zero repair service for South Florida residents because:

We Only Service Sub-Zero Appliances

Our technicians are specialized in repairing Sub-Zero equipment, and we don’t offer repair services to any other brand. That means that when we outfit your Sub-Zero refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, or wine cooler with replacement parts, you are guaranteed to get manufacturer-certified Sub-Zero parts – not just any old aftermarket replacement parts that may not even fit your machine.

In addition, our specialization means that we are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to repairing your particular equipment, allowing us to diagnose and repair issues with your Sub-Zero appliances quickly and efficiently.

We Offer Emergency Same-Day Service 24/7 – 365

There is no convenient time for an appliance to break. That’s why we are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. And, because we value our clients, we don’t charge fees for providing services on weekends and holidays.

We Offer Marine Repair

If you have Sub-Zero appliances on your yacht or houseboat, don’t worry about being lost at sea with a broken appliance. We’ll come aboard and fix your equipment with the same efficiency and skill as equipment on dry land.

We Are Committed to Our Customers

We are committed to keeping your Sub-Zero appliances running smoothly. Contact our team today for same-day repair services on your Sub-Zero refrigerator, freezer, wine cooler, or ice maker.

The Importance of Regularly Cleaning Your Sub-Zero Ice Maker

ice cubesYour Sub-Zero ice maker is a high-end piece of equipment, so it’s important to take proper care of your appliance. You chose Sub-Zero because they create reliable, top of the line appliances. And while they are incredible machines, they do need proper maintenance to avoid breaking down.  You can keep your ice maker running smoothly by making sure your clean it on a regular basis.

What happens if I don’t clean my ice maker?

Not sticking to a regular cleaning schedule for your Sub-Zero ice maker can lead to a number of problems with the machine. Bacteria can accumulate in the machine, get into the water, and wind up in your beverages. This can make you or your family sick. It can also affect the taste of the ice.

Another problem you should be wary of is buildup of mold or dirt that can clog up the system and ruin the ice.

How often should I clean my ice maker?

Sub-Zero recommends that you perform a thorough cleaning of your ice maker once every six months. This will ensure that you ice stays fresh and your ice maker stays running at peak condition.

How do I clean my ice maker?

Sub-Zero ice makers have a cleaning process built into the machine. Use their special ice machine cleaner and the instructions that you were given when you bought your unit to clean the machine. If you lost your cleaning instructions, you can find them here.

Who do I call when my ice maker breaks down?

If you ice maker every breaks down, trust our experienced team for Sub-Zero ice maker repair. For all of your Sub-Zero appliance repair needs, contact Sub-Zero Service Centers of South Florida.

How to Utilize Baking Soda for Your Refrigerator Maintenance

jar of baking soda on its side next to a spoonful of baking sodaBaking soda is an item that we all have in our homes. It can also be used for many different applications throughout your home, and it’s cheap and easy to obtain. In fact, baking soda is a wonderful way to maintain your Sub-Zero Refrigerator. It’s great for removing stains and keeping out odors. You can use baking soda . . .


For Cleaning

Baking soda is a natural and inexpensive way to clean your refrigerator. You store your family’s food in there, so why would you want to use cleaning chemicals to get your refrigerator clean?


Unplug your fridge and completely empty it, then remove the shelving. Mix baking soda and water to create a paste and start scrubbing everything down – the interior, the shelves, the drawers, and the door compartments. Use a soft, damp cloth to rinse everything down and remove the paste.


The abrasive texture of baking soda is great for removing stuck on food residue, and the odor-fighting capabilities give your fridge a fresh smell without the overpowering scent of cleaning chemicals. For grease spills, add lemon juice to your baking soda paste.


To Control Odors

An open box of baking soda in the refrigerator is great for absorbing odors and keeping your refrigerator smelling fresh after a good scrub-down.


To keep odors out of drawers, sprinkle a little baking soda in the bottom, and then cover with a paper towel before placing your food back in the drawers. Replace your baking soda box, and the baking soda in the drawers about once every three months.


For All Your Other Refrigerator Maintenance Needs

When you need Sub-Zero refrigerator repair in Indian Creek, you can count on Sub-Zero Service Centers to provide fast, efficient service. Don’t let your food spoil, contact our technicians today!

3 Warning Signs that You Need Sub-Zero Wine Cooler Repair

sub zero wine cooler repairYou Sub-Zero wine cooler is an investment, just like the wine collection you keep inside it. Whether you are aging your wine, or simply keeping it chilled to enjoy whenever you would like, you need your wine cooler to work at peak condition at all times. If your wine cooler were to fail, you could lose hundreds of dollars because of ruined wine. If you notice the following issues with your wine cooler, it’s time to call a specialist for emergency Sub-Zero wine cooler repair:


Temperature is Inconsistent – An inconsistent temperature can damage your wines and prevent them from aging/chilling properly. Keep a close eye on the thermostat if you think you may have temperature fluctuation problems with your wine cooler.


Wine Cooler Won’t Stay On – This can be a huge problem if you don’t notice it at first. If your wine cooler is randomly turning off, contact Sub-Zero Service Centers for same-day repair service.


Puddles on the Interior or Exterior – If you are finding puddles around or in your wine cooler, your refrigerant may be leaking, among other things.


Odd Noises/Loud – If your wine cooler is making noises, or running louder than usual, it could be a sign of a serious issue. Always contact your Sub-Zero repair specialists when you notice unusual sounds.


Condensation – If you wine cooler is ‘sweating’ there may be an issue with the cooling element.


Protect your investment with emergency wine cooler repair from Sub-Zero Service Centers. Contact us today for fast, efficient service.

How to Keep Unwanted Odors Out of Your Refrigerator

Your refrigerator does a great job of keeping your food cold and fresh, but because of all the food that passes through its doors over time, unwanted odors can accumulate in there. Odors in your refrigerator are unpleasant in general, but they also have a way of working into the food and altering the taste. Here are a few ways that you can naturally deodorize your refrigerator.


You may have seen cups of coffee beans around the perfume section of your local cosmetics store – that’s because coffee beans absorb smells! While sniffing coffee beans is a great way to cleanse your palate between testing different fragrances, it is also a great way to deodorize your fridge after you deep clean it. Place freshly ground coffee in a cup or bowl in your fridge to keep odors at bay.

Baking Soda

If you don’t like the smell of coffee, or you don’t keep it around the house, baking soda is great at absorbing odors. Create a paste with baking soda and use it to scrub down your refrigerator. Then, place an open box of baking soda inside the refrigerator. The baking soda will absorb odors from your refrigerator continuously to keep it fresh between cleanings.

White Vinegar

We know that vinegar stinks, but bear with us. Vinegar is actually a great addition to household cleaning routines because of its amazing ability to neutralize odors. Wipe down your refrigerator with equal parts water and white vinegar to get rid of nasty food odors.

Vanilla or Lemon

After deep cleaning your refrigerator and removing any spoiled food that could cause unpleasant odors, rub your shelves down with vanilla or lemon – based on personal scent preference. A few drops of vanilla extract on a cotton ball are enough to add a pleasant smell to your fridge. Or, simply wipe lemon slices on your refrigerator shelves.

When your refrigerator needs a bit more help, call us for Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair in Indian Creek or anywhere in South Florida.

Popular Kitchen Trends for 2017

beautiful kitchen with sub-zero appliancesYour kitchen is the focal point of your home. Your most important tasks are done here, and it is also where you create memorable moments with your family. That’s why kitchen design is such an integral part of interior design. A beautiful kitchen will elevate the style of your entire home.

Sleek Cabinet Designs

Minimalist cabinet designs are becoming more popular this year, with many homeowners opting for cabinets that increase the functionality of their kitchen while adding a beautiful modern edge to the décor.

The mixture of modernity and nature is also extremely popular right now. Many people are opting for natural wooden cabinets in their space. Soft lighting underneath your cabinets is also a great way to add a warm, welcoming glow to the kitchen.

Muted Colors

The aesthetic of the modern age calls for soft, muted color schemes that make your kitchen bright and open. Pale blue, off-white, gray, pale green, and yellow are some of the most popular colors in kitchen design at the moment.

High End Sub-Zero Appliances

No kitchen is complete without beautiful stainless steel appliances from Sub-Zero. Not only are they sleek, modern, and beautiful, but they also feature state-of-the-art technology – making them some of the best appliances available today.

When you need repairs on your Sub-Zero appliances, contact Sub-Zero Repair Centers. We are available around the clock for emergency Sub-Zero repair service in Key Biscayne and all of South Florida.



Optimize Your Refrigerator Organization

woman standing by an open fridgeYou’ve just come home from grocery shopping, and now it’s time to put away all of your food. But where do you put it? Keeping your fridge organized in a way that makes sense feels like a chore, but the only consequence of not planning out your fridge is that it’s harder to find things, right? Actually, where you place each type of food in your refrigerator can have an effect on its shelf life. This handy guide will help you optimize the inside of your refrigerator so that you can get the most out of your food.

Top Shelf/Door

The top shelf is the one of the warmer parts of the fridge, so avoid putting your milk or meat products here. Things like butter and soft cheeses don’t need to be kept very cold, so these are fine for the top shelf. Condiments, which usually contain natural preservatives like salt and vinegar, are also good to go on the top shelf. Any of the items that you can store on the top shelf can also go on the door. Pasteurized juices or less perishable beverages like soft drinks are also best kept in the door.

Middle Shelf

The middle shelf is where the temperature is the most consistent. Store eggs and leftovers here for optimal storage temperature.

Bottom Shelf

The bottom shelf is the coldest area of the refrigerator, especially near the back. You should store your milk, dairy products like yogurt, sour cream, or cottage cheese, and packaged meat on this shelf. Raw meat is best stored on the bottom shelf because if it leaks it will not damage all of your other food.


The drawers are ideal for deli meats and cheeses, and produce. Vegetables should be kept in the drawer labeled high humidity or vegetables. Fruit should be kept in low humidity. This drawer is often labeled as the “crisper”.  Deli meats and cheeses should be stored in the shallow drawer, but if your refrigerator doesn’t have one, they should be placed on the bottom shelf.

These tips can help you keep your refrigerator organized and maximize the shelf-life of your food. If you are experience problems with your Sub-Zero refrigerator, contact Sub-Zero Service Centers for same-day Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair in Key Largo.

3 Warning Signs That It’s Time to Call a Sub-Zero Repair Service

refrigerator stocked with colorful fruit and veggiesYour refrigerator plays such a constant role in your life that you almost forget it’s even there – but when your fridge fails to perform its primary function you could lose hundreds of dollars and a large supply of your family’s food. That’s why it’s important to locate a dependable repair service like Sub-Zero Service Centers when you experience any of the following issues with you Sub-Zero refrigerator:


A leaking refrigerator is a warning sign that there might be something seriously wrong with your unit. If you start to notice puddles around the base of your refrigerator, or excess moisture around the seal, contact us for professional Sub-Zero repair in Ft. Lauderdale and the surrounding areas.

Unusual Noises

If your fridge is making unusual noises, it could be signaling a variety of issues. For example – a loud thumping is indicative of compressor issues and often indicates that it will need to be replaced. Squealing sounds could mean that your fans are not working properly.

Improper Cooling

If your food is not being cooled properly, there could be a number of factors coming into play. There could be a problem with your seal, or the thermostat could be malfunctions. Your Sub-Zero service technician will be able to diagnose and fix the problem efficiently.

A functional refrigerator is an absolute necessity in the modern household, so it’s important to find a reliable repair service when things go wrong. Sub-Zero Service Centers provides emergency repairs 24/7 on all Sub-Zero equipment across Southern Florida. Contact us today to receive same-day repair service on your Sub-Zero refrigerator.