Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair in Hollywood, Florida

Choose factory-trained technicians to make repairs to your Sub-Zero appliances. For more than 30 years, Sub-Zero Service Centers has served South Florida with quality repair and maintenance. We provide residential and commercial customers with reliable Sub-Zero refrigerator repair in Hollywood, Florida. We also fix Sub-Zero freezers, ice makers, and wine coolers.

Troubles with your refrigerator put an entire week’s meals on hold. You want your refrigerator working again as soon as possible. To save the meat, dairy, and produce in your refrigerator, reach out to our skilled and experienced technicians. When we provide the service, the estimates are free

Sub-Zero Freezer Repair from Factory-Trained Technicians

Treat your Sub-Zero freezer with the respect it deserves by seeking service only from factory-trained technicians. All of our professionals have undergone extensive training on how to repair these high-end restaurant-grade appliances. That includes knowing how to fix the computerized controls and features that make this brand superior.

As with cars, computerization adds welcome benefits to your Sub-Zero appliances, but it can complicate freezer repair unless your repair provider has the necessary training. To go along with our extensive training, we only use Sub-Zero parts that are especially made for Sub-Zero units. This ensures quality and long-lasting repairs that come with a warranty for parts and labor.

Keep Your Drinks Cold with Sub-Zero Ice Maker Repair

You do not want to have to resort to buying bags of ice when your ice maker only dispenses water. Or, perhaps the problem is that the ice gets jammed or the appliance does not make any ice at all. This is a great inconvenience to a homeowner and disastrous for a restaurant. When you have trouble with this necessary appliance, reach out to us for Sub-Zero ice maker repair.

In addition to repair, we provide maintenance, which is especially important for ice makers. It is possible for mold and bacteria to grow on warm coils inside your ice maker and have a negative impact on the ice. For ice that is clean and refreshing, schedule maintenance service with our technicians.

Yearly Maintenance to Determine Needs for Sub-Zero Wine Cooler Repair

It can be difficult to tell if your wine cooler is not working properly. Unlike other appliances, you do not open and close it many times a day or take items out frequently. Since the wine is there to age, the practice is to leave it alone so that it has the time it needs. With this in mind, we recommend yearly maintenance to determine what this appliance needs in the way of Sub-Zero wine cooler repair. Call us 24/7 for wine cooler, ice maker, freezer, or refrigerator repair.

Contact us today to keep your Sub-Zero appliances in fine repair. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Hollywood, Florida.